Companies are making record profits while families struggle to get by. 

Corporations have too much power over our economy. They work to rig the rules in their favor, spending massive amounts of money to get policymakers to do their bidding, and getting richer at the expense of ordinary Americans.


Fighting for American Families

Corporations make massive profits by engaging in predatory practices that hurt American families. Their unchecked consolidation and greed have made the wealthy and well-connected even richer while making life harder for many Americans.

Our investigative research empowers Americans with the facts and helps advance economic policies that benefit everyone – not just the rich and powerful.

Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

Our investigative research shines a light on the misdeeds of corporations and special interests that push policymakers to do their bidding instead of protecting the interests of all Americans.

MAGA Economics

MAGA Economics is a new series of online profiles of key Republicans in Congress, starting with the House Financial Services Committee (HFSC).

Explore Project

Exposing Corporate Greed

We shine a light on corporate profiteering, and pressure corporations and public officials to put workers and consumers first.

Pushing Back Against Predatory Practices

We call out predatory practices so American consumers can make smart decisions, and public officials can advance stronger consumer protections.

Reveal Corruption & Conflicts of Interest

We analyze campaign contributions, lobbying records, and other documents to show how public officials are in the pocket of big business.

Stay Informed

Get the latest news on how we’re holding big business, government officials, and special interests accountable, and what you can do to get involved.

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