Accountable.US spokesperson Chris Marshall had this to say after Senator Steve Daines introduced a measure to gut Biden administration reforms to the federal oil and gas program through the Congressional Review Act:

Steve Daines can either stand with American taxpayers and families, or he can stand with Big Oil CEOs who are getting richer while the rest of us pay the price. It says a lot about his priorities that he releases this irresponsible plan right as Big Oil executives are being exposed for trying to fix prices with OPEC. These are the forces at play behind the Project 2025 agenda: Greedy politicians and big oil executives who put their bottom line ahead of Americans struggling to make ends meet.”

Accountable.US spokesperson Chris Marshall

Daines has taken $1.2 million from the oil corporations who would benefit from eliminating the popular new leasing plan, including thousands from a PAC connected to the oil CEO who was recently caught trying to collude with OPEC to drive up oil prices, costing Americans more while increasing profits for energy giants.

Project 2025 aims to undo reforms like the ones Senator Daines has overturned. Learn more about Accountable.US’s work on that initiative at this link.

Steve Daines Has Taken $1,261,722 In Campaign Contributions From The Oil And Gas Industry. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 05/16/25]

Steve Daines Has Taken $4,500 In Campaign Contributions From The Williams Companies. 

    • The Williams Company PAC Gave Steve Daines $1,000 On March 13, 2024. [FEC, 03/13/24]
    • The Williams Company PAC Gave Steve Daines $2,500 On September 16, 2020. [FEC, 09/16/20]

    • The Williams Company PAC Gave Steve Daines $1,000 On March 19, 2020. [FEC, 03/19/20]

The Williams Companies Is A Natural Gas Corporation Whose Board Includes Scott Sheffield, The Former CEO Of Pioneer Natural Resources. [The Williams Companies, accessed 05/16/24]

The FTC Found That Scott Sheffield, Pioneer’s Founder, Past CEO, And Board Member “Colluded With OPEC” To Raise Crude Oil Prices. “The FTC said Thursday that Scott Sheffield, who founded Pioneer in 1997, colluded with OPEC and OPEC+ to potentially raise crude oil prices. Sheffield retired from the company in 2016, but he returned as president and CEO in 2019, served as CEO from 2021 to 2023, and continues to serve on the board. Since Jan. 1, he has served as special adviser to the company’s chief executive.” [Associated Press, 05/02/240]


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