The conservation of public lands and natural resources is critical to our nation’s long-term economic, cultural, and environmental well-being for generations to come.

Big Oil and anti-public lands extremists push for energy and environmental policies that benefit the privileged few at the taxpayers’ expense. We’re here to hold them accountable.


Protecting Our Public Lands From Big Oil

Preserving our public lands is not only vital for the long-term prosperity of our nation but a fundamental part of our identity. However, certain groups are sabotaging conservation efforts to exploit our natural resources and benefit themselves.

Through our investigative research, we uncover the links between these groups and the policymakers who back them, thwarting their attempts to enrich themselves at the expense of our families and the environment. Furthermore, our findings serve as a guide for government officials to implement conservation policies that benefit all Americans.

Our Priorities

Our investigative research exposes the special interests that oppose conservation efforts.

Holding Oil and Gas Companies Accountable

Oil and gas companies have a history of exploiting conservation laws to their benefit. We work to break their influence over public officials and more.

Challenging Anti-Public Lands Extremists

We call out anti-public land activists’ false and misleading statements and expose their fringe views, misdeeds, and conflicts of interest.

Protecting Our Public Lands

When outside money and special interest groups oppose local conservation efforts, we expose their conflicts of interest and hidden agendas to empower the community.

Stepping Up Conservation Efforts

In order to protect our air, water, endangered species, and limited natural resources, and slow the pace of climate change, we fight for:

  • Locally led conservation initiatives
  • Efforts to designate more federally-protected public land 
  • Strong environmental regulations
  • The basic framework of the Biden Administration’s America the Beautiful Initiative

Stay Informed

Get the latest news on how we’re holding big business, government officials, and special interests accountable, and what you can do to get involved.

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