In recent years, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has strategically filed a significant majority of its lawsuits against federal regulations in district courts within the Fifth Circuit’s jurisdiction, showcasing a pronounced case of “judge shopping.” This practice, where litigants seek out courts thought to have judges sympathetic to their cause, is designed to secure favorable rulings. The issue has garnered attention, especially after Judges James Ho and Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently criticized a proposed rule intended to curtail such strategic filings. Amidst this backdrop, political figures have drawn battle lines, with Progressives pushing for regulatory reforms and Conservatives defending the strategic court selections.

This ongoing saga of legal maneuvering highlights how influential organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce leverage judicial systems to shape regulatory outcomes, impacting a wide array of issues from credit card fees to labor laws and environmental regulations.

For more detailed information on the U.S. Chamber’s tactics and the broader implications of its legal challenges, read our report.

The U.S. Chamber and the Big Banks they represent have corrupted our judicial system by cherry-picking venues to avoid having their lawsuits heard by a fair and neutral federal judge. It's time the U.S. Chamber stops clogging the Courts with baseless lawsuits designed to enrich corporate CEOs at the expense of everyday American families."

Tony Carrk, Accountable.US Executive Director

In the News: Judge Shopping in Texas

Dive into stories from around the media landscape that spotlight right-wing judge shopping in Texas. Get the latest insights and understand the impact on our communities.

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