Calling out the lie

The deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was the result of months of election fraud lies spread far and wide by twice-impeached former President Trump and his allies. Even after all the violence that day, 147 Members of Congress and 8 U.S. Senators kept the “Big Lie” alive by voting against certifying the presidential election results in some states.

Many corporations publicly condemned the insurrection and those lawmakers who voted against certification, and some pledged to no longer donate to their campaigns. But as time has passed, the condemnation from corporate America over January 6 and the Big Lie appears to be abating. Some of the corporations that pledged to stop funding the members who objected to certifying the election are quietly finding ways to give again.

tracking the top donations

top donors

The top five corporations or big corporate lobbyists that donated to election objectors since January, by total amount donated.

Contributions made by the companies displayed on this tracker were made exclusively through their respective Political Action Committees.

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Top donations by Recipient

The five election objectors in Congress who received the most in corporate donations since January.

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Corporate Donations

Fortune 500 Corporation or Trade Association Made a Statement
on Insurrection

Accountable.US’ Corporate Donations Tracker uses to aggregate donations from Fortune 500 company and trade group PACs to 2020 presidential election objectors in Congress. Contributions from corporate and trade group PACs to lawmakers were pulled from their monthly reports’ Schedule B filings (Itemized Disbursements).

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