Accountable.US is a nonpartisan organization that shines a light on corporations and special interests that too often wield unchecked power and influence in Washington and beyond. 

We conduct investigations and bring attention to our findings to help create an economy that works for everyone, a democracy that functions, and a sustainable environment for future generations. 

We believe corporations and special interests have too much power and the people have too little. 

It is our mission to change this. 


Our Values

We believe every American has the right to a government that works for everyone, not just the well-off and well-connected. This requires a political system built on fairness, trust, and the opportunity for every voice to be heard so that policymakers carry out the will of the people.

When corporations, special interests, and policymakers betray our trust, silence our voice, and seek to make government work for their gain, they must be exposed.

We also believe that when Americans learn the truth about these bad actors, they are empowered to hold special interests and elected officials accountable for their actions and demand change.

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