Questions Republican Guests Should Answer on Looming Default Crisis

Economic Security and Corporate Power
April 14, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s widely-anticipated speech on Monday before the New York Stock Exchange is an opportunity to ask Republican panelists: How is the looming default crisis not entirely manufactured by House Republicans when all the signs point to them? It’s a tough question to answer as McCarthy himself has already admitted the standoff


The MAGA Majority: 100 Days of Wrong Priorities and Political Stunts

April 13, 2023

This week marks 100 days since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives. Since February, Accountable.US has explained how MAGA forces have taken over the Republican caucus and are pursuing the wrong priorities for the American people. They continue to put political stunts above solving the major issues before us.

Memo, Press Releases

Memo: Republicans Vying for Leadership Roles Embrace Extreme MAGA Agenda

Power & Influence
November 15, 2022

While Americans rejected many of the most extreme conservative candidates and 2020 election deniers, many of whom were endorsed by former president Trump, Republicans vying for leadership positions in the 118th Congress are still pushing one of the most extreme agendas in recent memory. 

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