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Jan. 6-tied Leo Group Files SCOTUS Brief Arguing State Legislatures have Sole Authority Over Federal Elections

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September 7, 2022

Yesterday, the Leonard Leo-linked far-right organization “Honest Election Project'' filed an amicus brief in the marque Supreme Court Case Moore V. Harper arguing for the implementation of a fringe legal theory that gives state legislatures sole authority over federal election procedures.

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Company Claiming Voter Rights Support Facilitated $1.6 Contribution to Anti-Voting Rights Activist’s Group

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August 29, 2022

Today, Accountable.US called on Eaton Corporation to come clean about its role in a shady tax avoidance deal that funneled $1.6 billion to a non-profit group tied to anti-voting rights and judicial activist Leonard Leo – among the largest contributions ever given to a politically focused non-profit organization.

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Barre Seid and His Ties to the Alt-Right

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If you follow big money in politics, you’ve probably heard the name Barre Seid pop up over the last few days. Seid was – until recently – the sole owner of Tripp Lite, a $1.65 billion dollar electronics manufacturer that makes surge protectors and power strips, as well as server racks, computer cooling equipment, and other devices.

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