WASHINGTON, DC –Yesterday, the Leonard Leo-linked far-right organization “Honest Election Project” filed an amicus brief in the marque Supreme Court Case Moore V. Harper arguing for the implementation of a fringe legal theory that gives state legislatures sole authority over federal election procedures outside the scope of federal or state laws protecting voters rights.

Such a ruling would open the floodgates to a host of anti-democracy measures from gerrymandering and voter suppression to the way electors are awarded to the electoral college. 

In response to yesterday’s filing, Accountable.US released a report uncovering how the same dark money groups that fund Leo’s network of right-wing legal organizations also provided millions of dollars to support efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and spread the “Big Lie”.

Yesterday’s filling un-masks the true purpose of Leonard Leo’s network to fundamentally undermine and erode our democracy and force their deeply unpopular agenda on all Americans. If the court agrees with this fringe legal theory, it will not only overturn 100 years of precedent but open the door for states to enact laws that violate equal protection rights and freedom of assembly, making the popular will of the majority irrelevant.”

Kayla Hancock, Director of Power and Influence at Accountable.US
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