Today, new reporting from the New York Times revealed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s RV — often invoked alongside his supposed “everyman,” up-by-the-bootstraps mentality — was at least partly bankrolled by Anthony Welters, a wealthy friend. Thomas did not disclose the extravagant expense. Accountable.US senior advisor Kyle Herrig released the following statement:

From his decades-long relationship with billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow to his infamous RV being bankrolled by another wealthy friend, it’s clear that Justice Thomas sees his position on our nation’s highest court as a chance to upgrade his own lifestyle while shirking any duty to operate with transparency. Harlan Crow, Justice Thomas, Leonard Leo, and other key players in this Court corruption crisis may believe they exist above the law, but they don't. We need accountability and reform now.”

As the Supreme Court corruption crisis continues to grow, Accountable.US has repeatedly called for action

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