Today, government watchdog Accountable.US blasted Speaker Kevin McCarthy following his weekend appearance on Face the Nation, where he ducked and dodged questions about George Santos’s fraudulent claims and fabricated background.


George Santos lied about everything from his resume to his campaign financing. Now, Kevin McCarthy will barely even say Santos’s name, let alone hold the conman Congressman accountable. As more of Santos’s lies surface, Kevin McCarthy’s silence only seems to get louder. If this is what accountability looks like under the MAGA Congress, we can expect more members like George Santos and even less results for the American people.”

Accountable.US spokesperson Derek Martin

A recent report from Accountable.US revealed that a group of GOP House leaders including McCarthy gave nearly $200,000 to Santos’s campaign during the 2022 election, despite apparent knowledge of his lies.

Earlier this month, Accountable.US filed a complaint against Santos over campaign finance violations with the Federal Elections Commission and a request for investigation with the Office of Congressional Ethics over his misleading or false biographical and personal financial claims.


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