Today, as reports on George Santos’s false claims and alleged abuse of campaign funds continue to mount, government watchdog Accountable.US filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), asking them to investigate the Congressman and his campaign for committing a number of previously unreported and serious campaign finance violations, including accepting and failing to return excessive donations and using campaign funds to pay for private business expenses. 

The complaint contains details on a potential violation that has gone unnoticed up to this point. The Santos campaign paid for flights and hotel rooms less than two miles away from the Florida address of his personal business, the Devolder Organization just weeks after the business was founded, suggesting that funds could’ve been illegally used to pay for his personal business expenses.


With each passing day, Congressmen Santos’s rap sheet of potential crimes and outlandish lies continues to grow. The FEC has an obligation to hold him accountable — Speaker McCarthy and his MAGA majority certainly won’t, especially after gutting the Congressional Ethics Office."

Kyle Herrig, President of government watchdog Accountable.US

Previously, Accountable.US filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an immediate investigation of his false biographical claims, inaccurate financial disclosures, and his failure to disclose his criminal record.

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