WASHINGTON, DC – The House Natural Resources Committee today will discuss a bill from controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert to overturn President Biden’s reforms to the Department of Interior’s oil and gas leasing program.

There are $3.8 million reasons why this bill is being considered by the broken MAGA House today. President Biden’s reforms will clean up Big Oil’s messes and make them pay their fair share, so it’s no wonder a committee that has taken so much from that industry is coming to their rescue,” said Chris Marshall, spokesperson for Accountable.US.

President Biden’s new plan is under sharp attack from the fossil fuel industry, which would be required to pay for the cost of cleaning up abandoned wells on public lands and modernize outdated fees for drilling on public lands. Oil industry profits have skyrocketed in recent years.

An analysis of more than 260,000 public comments found overwhelming support for the Biden administration’s public lands oil and gas leasing reforms.

Download Accountable.US’s research into oil industry contributions to the Committee at this link.

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