Government watchdog Accountable.US – the group that extensively documented the Trump administration’s poor design, implementation and management of COVID-aid under the CARES Act — questioned the motives behind House Republicans’ reported plans to conduct COVID-19 investigations “across multiple committees” focusing largely on “misspent pandemic funds” that they dismissed during the Trump administration.

When House Republicans wax indignant about COVID-aid abuse next year, it will be many days late and dollars short – and a likely effort to deflect blame from the Trump administration where it belongs. MAGA conservatives in Congress didn’t care about taxpayers when the Trump administration set up COVID-aid programs with virtually no oversight or transparency, which led to rampant fraud and abuse. They didn’t care when the Trump administration prioritized aid for the rich and powerful while Americans who needed help the most faced a wall of bureaucracy and rejection, especially mom-and-pop shops in communities of color. During his first days in office, President Biden pledged to crack down on fraudsters and schemers who exploited the Trump administration’s pandemic aid mismanagement with little fanfare from conservatives in Congress. And now House Republicans seem more interested in political stunts to damage President Biden than protecting taxpayers' hard-earned money.”

Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Accountable.US.
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