WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Accountable.US obtained the federal tax forms of the prolific Leonard Leo-run group BH fund. The secretive group has been used to seemingly shuffle millions of dollars across Leo’s shadow network of right-wing organizations while shielding their donors’ identities. 

The 990 forms revealed that in the same year that Leo’s Marble Freedom Trust received an unprecedented $1.6 billion donation from mega-donor Barre Seid, he began offloading his other nonprofit entities. In 2021, Leo started consolidating his shadow network into an ever-growing war chest. Prior to the BH fund closing its doors, the organization made some of its most significant contributions to other Leo-run front groups, including a more than $4 million grant to  Rule of Law Trust and other organizations that act as ATMs for the far right. 


This alarming rate at which the group dispersed millions of dollars before folding is clear evidence that a shadowy network of ultra-wealthy funders is hellbent on transforming this country to align with their fringe and unpopular ideology as they hide, whether the American people like it or not."

Kayla Hancock, Director of Power And Influence
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