WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) this week filed an ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, urging Chief Justice Roberts to investigate Alito’s recent comments regarding Supreme Court ethics. Roberts has the authority to establish ethics guidelines for his Court, but even after delayed releases of financial disclosures and growing ethics issues, he continues to blatantly ignore the corruption in his Court.

Chief Justice Roberts sat back and watched while the Supreme Court corruption crisis reached a fever pitch, causing public trust in his Court to plummet. Now, as the crisis grows with newly-revealed improper behavior from Justice Alito, Roberts continues to dodge all responsibility,” said Accountable.US senior advisor Kyle Herrig.

“Thankfully, Senator Whitehouse recognizes the urgency of the situation at hand. It’s far past time for Chief Justice Roberts to clean up his Court,” continued Herrig. 

The complaint centers on Alito’s recent Wall Street Journal interview, during which he said Congress has no authority to regulate the Court. The opinion piece was co-authored by David Rivkin, attorney for conservative kingpin Leonard Leo — on Leo’s behalf, Rivkin previously rebuffed Sen. Whitehouse’s demand for critical information regarding improper gifts and benefits.

“Uniquely in the whole of government, the Supreme Court has insulated its justices from any semblance of fair fact-finding. The obstructive campaign run by Mr. [David] Rivkin and Mr. [Leonard] Leo, fueled by Justice Alito’s opining, appears intended to prevent Congress from gathering precisely those facts,” Senator Whitehouse wrote in his letter to Chief Justice Roberts.

Whitehouse also requested that Roberts “take whatever steps are necessary to investigate this affair and provide the public with prompt and trustworthy answers.”

Accountable.US has continuously called for Chief Justice Roberts to be held accountable for his inaction regarding the corruption plaguing his Court. Earlier this summer, Accountable.US launched a mobile billboard campaign near the Capitol Building and around Roberts’ Chevy Chase country club which displayed messages reading “Chief Justice Roberts: The Face of a Court in Crisis,” and “Chief Justice Roberts: Clean Up Your Court,” as well as headlines highlighting Roberts’ inaction.

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