WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday’s new disclosures from Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito revealed even more of the shady dealings and cozy billionaire relationships that sparked the growing Supreme Court corruption crisis.

With his court in disarray and public confidence hitting record lows, Chief Justice Roberts should take immediate action. Instead, he’s nowhere to be found.

CNN’s Joan Biskupic writes: “Soon after he became chief justice of the United States, John Roberts faced what he believed was a “crisis” involving the judiciary: Federal judges were underpaid. What Roberts did next to address the situation stands in stark contrast to the way he has tiptoed through the current controversy over the Supreme Court’s integrity.”

“Today, Roberts is at the center of the controversy over the court’s lack of transparency and absence of a formal code of ethics. The justices have been inconsistent in reporting travel and gifts bestowed on them by wealthy benefactors who may be trying to influence the court. The 68-year-old chief justice, who will be starting his 19th term in October, has moved with little apparent urgency.”

“Members of Congress, advocacy groups and even some justices have looked to Roberts for leadership, to no avail.”


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