Washington, D.C. — As Congress negotiates President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda that will create good jobs and lower costs for families and seniors while making wealthy corporations finally pay their fair share, an analysis from government watchdog Accountable.US reveals that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) — who has called for severely watering down the plan — has taken over $1.5 million from the industry groups leading the lobbying blitz against the Build Back Better agenda, or from the individual corporations these groups represent. 
“Senator Manchin knows big corporations managed to make billion-dollar profits despite the pandemic as everyday families fell further behind. Manchin now has a golden opportunity to level the playing field for working people by backing investments and tax relief aimed at them for a change — investments that will lower health and childcare costs for most in West Virginia,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Rich corporations may have given Senator Manchin over a million reasons to avoid paying their fair share – but is it all worth it if he has nothing to show for the families he actually represents?”  
Both nationally and in West Virginia, voters overwhelmingly support the major provisions of the Build Back Better agenda, including a bipartisan majority that support the pay-fors in the budget reconciliation plan.  


A previous Accountable.US report found that Senator Sinema (D-AZ) — who has threatened to derail the reconciliation bill — has also taken at least $923,000 from the industry groups fighting the Build Back Better agenda, or from the individual corporations these groups represent. 

  • The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce—Whose PAC Gave Sen. Manchin $10,000 And Whose Leadership Boards Are Packed With Corporations That Have Given Him $565,700—Vowed To Do “Everything We Can” To Block Biden’s Budget After Offering Sen. Manchin A “Reward” For Resisting Biden’s Agenda Earlier This Year.
  • The Business Roundtable—Whose Board Is Stocked With CEOs From 12 Corporations That Have Given $245,500 To Sen. Manchin—Has Been Preparing “‘A Significant, Multifaceted Campaign'” Against Tax Increases In The Build Back Better Budget.
  • The RATE Coalition—Whose Major Corporate Members Have Given $177,000 To Sen. Manchin —Was Poised For A “Seven-Figure” Ad Buy Against The Build Back Better Budget.
  • The National Association Of Manufacturers (NAM)—Which Gave $7,500 To Manchin As Its Leading Corporate Members Gave Him $487,000—Was Poised To Ally With The U.S. Chamber’s Fight Against The Budget And Was Lobbying On It ‘”In Every Way You Can Imagine.'”
  • PhRMA—Which Gave $1,000 To Manchin, Along With Its Major Members’ $32,000—Has Run Ads Against The $3.5 Trillion Package And Has Spent More Than $15 Million On Lobbying This Year
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