WASHINGTON, D.C.Government watchdog Accountable.US released the second in a series of reports on “Subsidizing Sedition”, a project focused on exposing those who aided and abetted the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. The latest reportpreviewed in the American Prospect – found that at least 43 current Governors, elected federal office holders, along with at least 15 members of President Trump’s former administration have direct ties to the right-wing and white nationalist groups that helped plan the Trump rally that preceded the Capitol coup attempt.  

The cabal of right-wing and white nationalist groups that cultivated the deadly, seditious attack on the U.S. Capitol were aided by the highest levels of government. Top GOP officials took gobs of money from these fringe groups, keynoted their hateful rallies, lent them credibility, and perpetuated their misinformation. But make no mistake: none of these politicians who enabled sedition are outliers of the mainstream conservative movement. They’re the heart of it.”    

Kyle Herrig, President of Accountable.US

Among the key findings of the new report, Turning Point Action was one of the most aggressive organizers of the rally, claiming to have sent “80+ buses full of patriots” to what they promised would be one of the most “consequential” events in U.S. history. At a Turning Point USA-sponsored event just a couple weeks earlier, Q-supporting Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said the Second Amendment “‘has nothing to do with hunting, unless you’re talking about hunting tyrants, maybe.’” This dangerous rhetoric deserves renewed condemnation and accountability now.   

In the coming days, Accountable.US’s “Subsidizing Sedition” project will continue to release new reports on the corporations, elected officials, political groups, and others closely associated with the movement that led to the attempted insurrection, by following the money and social media trail wherever it leads. It is clear the heinous attacks were not a spontaneous incident led by random right-wing extremists but rather a coordinated effort years in the making by major conservative donors, corporations, and others benefitting from radicalization. The project will continue to spotlight donors to those entities that helped to incite the seditious events — from corporations to wealthy family foundations — and showcase how years of aid from those operating in mainstream conservative circles encouraged and supported dangerous rhetoric and actions that fueled the hateful, anti-Semitic, white nationalist groups who sought to undermine democracy.   


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