WASHINGTON, D.C. After three days of dodging, evading, hiding, and failing to answer lawmakers’ questions in this week’s Senate hearings, Amy Coney Barrett is once again under fire today after CNN reported that the judge’s calendars from her time at Notre Dame, where she spent the majority of her professional career, list additional events that Barrett failed to disclose on her Senate paperwork. The revelation follows a series of reports last week about other crucial information Barrett similarly omitted. 

This past weekend, government watchdog Accountable.US sent Barrett a letter calling on her to tell Notre Dame to release documents relevant to her record to the public, in order to enhance transparency around her professional history and help lawmakers and the American public properly evaluate Barrett’s fitness for the lifetime Supreme Court appointment for which President Trump nominated her.  

“Every day it gets clearer just how little we know about the Supreme Court nominee Trump’s Senate allies have halted all other work to rush through the approvals process,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Amy Coney Barrett has dodged lawmakers’ questions all week, and now we’re learning of yet more information about her history that she failed to disclose. How can lawmakers and the American public evaluate Barrett in full when new information about her record is surfacing almost every day?”  

Accountable.US also sent a series of public records requests seeking communications and documents from Barrett’s tenure at the University of Virginia, her teaching career while in Indiana, and to the Department of Justice for more information regarding her tenure on the 7th Circuit. Learn more here.


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