Conservative kingpin Leonard Leo is man most responsible for Roe’s downfall

WASHINGTON, DC – Tomorrow marks one year since the corrupt Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with Dobbs. The man most responsible for the devastating decision is none other than conservative kingpin Leonard Leo, who continues to puppeteer the conservative Court he worked to shape.

The overturning of Roe by a corrupt Court was just one victory in Leo’s decades-long plot to ban abortion at every level, using the courts as a tool to force a radical, unpopular agenda on Americans. One year later, Leo’s manipulation of the judiciary has led to a systematic roll-back of rights, a full-blown corruption crisis, and ultimately, a rapid decline in public trust in our Court.”

Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig.

In his many years as Executive Vice President of the Federalist Society, Leo masterminded a strategy to strip Americans of their reproductive freedom — leading a decades-long effort to stack courts across the country with anti-abortion extremists. Leo has also been pivotal in moving every piece on the chess board: selecting anti-choice judges for two presidents, challenging abortion rights at all levels of government, and bankrolling anti-choice advocacy. 

His efforts extend to a position on the board of the Becket Fund, the legal power behind the pending Groff v. DeJoy case which also filed an amicus brief in Dobbs case attacking the Affordable Care Act’s coverage of contraception.

As co-chairman of Students For Life of America, Leo has served as the point person for student groups across the country as they attempt to “abolish abortion.” Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, another Leo-funded radical, anti-choice group, set its sights on outlawing the abortion pill, lobbying Republican lawmakers to restrict access through shipping regulations or increased “safety” standards immediately after Dobbs.

Matthew Kacsmaryk, one of Leo’s handpicked extremist judges, ruled on the critical Texas abortion pill case, ultimately rejecting the FDA’s authority to regulate the abortion pill. As Leo jockeyed for influence on Trump judicial picks, Kacsmaryk, an active member and founder of the Fort Worth Federalist Society chapter, found himself nominated for a federal judgeship. After Senate Republicans confirmed him, Leo’s consulting group accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Kacsmaryk’s old employer — allowing Leo to lay the groundwork for legal challenges on his favorite issues and make a profit at the same time.

Leonard Leo continues to enjoy massive influence over the corrupt Court. Following his work to stack the courts with far-right extremist judges, Leo is now involved in at least five high-stakes cases with the potential to reshape American society.



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