Today, government watchdog Accountable.US launched a digital ad campaign hitting Project 2025 on its extreme plans to ban abortion, IVF, and more. The ads are part of the watchdog group’s ongoing Expose Project 2025 campaign, focused on revealing the extremists behind the dangerous initiative and highlighting its fringe agenda.

The more we learn about Project 2025, the worse it gets. From plotting to enact conservatives’ most restrictive anti-abortion agenda to scheming to turn U.S. troops on protestors, Project 2025 is an existential threat to our fundamental rights and freedoms on every level. We launched our Expose Project 2025 campaign to reveal the dangerous initiative for what it really is — and we’ll continue to expose the networks, funders, and figures responsible for this MAGA blueprint,”

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk

Accountable.US’s Expose Project 2025 campaign launched last week with a new microsite and visibility on Capitol Hill. Today’s digital ad buy continues to highlight Project 2025’s scheme to enact conservatives’ most restrictive anti-abortion agenda to date.

The campaign will continue to more broadly expose Project 2025’s leaders, playbook authors, and funders, critical to holding the entirety of Project 2025 accountable for its threats to everyday Americans’ rights — and, ultimately, our democracy.

See photos of the “Expose Project 2025” campaign here, and learn more about Accountable.US’s campaign at

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