WASHINGTON, DC – The Heritage Foundation, a long-standing extremist think tank, is working to build a new far-right initiative called Project 2025, a blueprint for MAGA conservatives to dismantle critical checks and balances and undermine democracy. While Heritage is leading the charge, a right-wing network of over 70 extremist groups is backing the project.

Project 2025 is extremists' newest plan to set fire to our democracy. It would allow far-right groups like Heritage and the Conservative Partnership Institute to implement their dangerous wish lists with no regard for everyday Americans,” said Accountable.US senior advisor Kyle Herrig.

“From gutting critical climate protections to dismantling checks and balances to put maximum power in the hands of the president, Project 2025 takes extremism to a whole new level. The project — and the dark network propping it up — must be held accountable for their efforts to undermine our democracy,” continued Herrig.

Salon’s Areeba Shah notes: “democracy experts view Project 2025 as an authoritarian attempt to seize power by filling the federal government, including the Department of Justice and the FBI, with unwavering Trump supporters, which could potentially erode the country’s system of checks and balances.”

“Project 2025’s nearly 1,000-page policy blueprint, called “Mandate for Leadership,” serves as a step-by-step guide for the incoming president, from proposing a comprehensive transformation of the Department of Justice to ending the FBI’s efforts to combat the dissemination of misinformation. It even includes plans to intensify the prosecution of individuals involved in providing or distributing abortion pills by mail.”

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