Recent reporting in The New Republic revealed crucial new information about Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, the bogus Alliance Defending Freedom-linked group behind the mifepristone challenge headed to the Supreme Court. With new details raising questions about everything from the plaintiff to the complaint, the case appears to be the latest example of Alliance Defending Freedom’s tried and tested strategy of manufacturing lawsuits to advance its far-right agenda, ultimately manipulating the American judiciary for a favorable outcome.

This is not a legal advocacy group organizing everyday Americans in a class action – these are ideological organizations masquerading as legitimate medical associations essentially registering a website and using it to roll back reproductive rights. Even further, the group targeted a district where a friendly, anti-abortion judge is guaranteed. If this tactic is successful, what’s to stop Amarillo from becoming the new home for every right-wing group with a fringe idea for a lawsuit and the money to register a PO box?”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

Recent reporting revealed that the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM), which incorporated in Texas a few weeks after Roe v. Wade was overturned and mere months before bringing its mifepristone challenge, only exists in Texas on a piece of paper. Tax filings first obtained by Accountable.US reveal that AHM doesn’t appear to actively fundraise from the public and its lawsuit appears to be purely a project of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the right-wing group infamous for shepherding extreme cases to the Supreme Court. AHM was also revealed to be nothing more than a coalition of right-wing pseudo-medical groups, which the medical community has widely discredited for peddling conspiracies and pushing fake science.

Beyond the contrived coalition serving as the plaintiff, Accountable.US research details the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine’s unusual legal complaint, riddled with self-citations, disinformation, and questionable sources — further undermining the legitimacy of the mifepristone challenge. The complaint includes multiple self-citations from papers written by anti-abortion activists involved in the case, including one published in a journal funded and produced by a member of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine. The complaint also cites multiple recently-retracted studies in addition to non-peer-reviewed sources and misleading information taken out of context — all questionable in a case set to be taken up by the nation’s highest court.

Previous reports of a seemingly contrived complaint at the center of 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis — another of Alliance Defending Freedom’s cases — sparked a larger analysis of ADF’s tactics, revealing the group’s comprehensive strategy to manufacture lawsuits to advance its far-right agenda. The mifepristone challenge set to be heard at the end of March is the latest example of this scheme, ultimately manipulating the judiciary for a favorable outcome.

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