On the sixth anniversary of the Trump administration’s announcement of its cruel family separation policy, new Mother Jones reporting highlighted a recent event hosted by the Heritage Foundation, the leader of Project 2025. The event featured Tom Homan, the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Trump administration and a driving force behind the draconian initiative of separating children from their parents.

It's abhorrent — but not surprising — that the same organization leading and organizing the MAGA blueprint effort to cement extreme policies at our country’s core is also platforming the architect of one of the most inhumane anti-immigrant policies. The Heritage Foundation is clearly taking notes from one of the cruelest Trump appointees for their Project 2025 plans. If ripping children away from their families was standard, what immigration policies are next for a potential future conservative administration?"

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk

Tom Homan, deemed the intellectual “father” of Trump’s family separation policy, was a featured speaker at the Heritage Foundation’s recent event entitled “Securing the Border and Keeping Americans Safe: How Illegal Immigration Leads to Preventable Crime.” Over 5,000 families were ultimately separated due to Homan’s policy, before public outcry forced its termination.

The Heritage Foundation event highlighted Homan’s continued influence in shaping conservative immigration policy. During the event, he allegedly outlined plans for more aggressive deportation efforts in a potential future conservative administration. The reporting comes as Heritage builds its extreme MAGA roadmap to reinstate the most severe immigration policies of the Trump era and impose new hardline restrictions on immigration.


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