MAGA Republicans are hellbent on putting politics over people. Instead of focusing on issues that matter most to everyday Americans, extremist conservatives in Congress are exploiting their legislative power to drive a sham impeachment without a shred of evidence. Their own witnesses and documents have proven as much — as well as the fact that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene first filed articles of impeachment just one day after President Biden was sworn into office.

As usual, far-right extremist groups are pulling the strings of this latest political stunt. MAGA Republicans are setting their priorities based on the whims of their right-wing interest group pals instead of the needs of their constituents.

  • The Heritage Foundation has spread false claims and peddled conspiracies surrounding impeachment.
  • America First Legal president Stephen Miller claimed that it was “absolutely critical” that bogus articles of impeachment be sent from the House to the Senate — even without any evidence.
  • Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton pushed supporters to encourage Congress to take up the sham impeachment inquiry.
  • Empower Oversight’s president took to social media recently to highlight an op-ed filled with conspiracies and fraudulent claims regarding the impeachment stunt.

Extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress — backed by key conservative extremist groups — are wasting time on the wrong priorities. Americans see this sham impeachment vote for what it really is: a pointless political stunt meant only to distract from Republicans’ own dysfunction and inability to get things done.

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