New reporting in Rolling Stone yesterday revealed that longtime Supreme Court fixer Leonard Leo’s for-profit consulting firm claims clients such as the Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), currently attempting to block a billionaire tax at the Supreme Court. Leo’s for-profit CRC Advisors, which has received over $100 million from Leo’s nonprofit network over the past decade, operates in secrecy, with little to no publicly available information on its clients, employees, or services. The new revelations are the result of a Conservative Partnership Institute leak, which exposed resumes that applicants submitted to an online jobs bank.

In addition to AFP and CEI, Rolling Stone revealed that CRC is working for pharma giant Eli Lilly, which is fighting the Biden Administration’s efforts to bring down prescription drug costs; Glorifi, a failed “anti-woke” banking company; and Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump campaign manager, to promote his book “Trump: America First.”

It’s no surprise that Leonard Leo’s for-profit consulting firm — which has pulled down a whopping $100 million from Leo’s own nonprofit network — counts the Koch network and the group leading the Supreme Court billionaire bailout case as clients. We knew that Leo’s fingerprints were all over these far-right causes, but now it appears he’s directly profiting off of them, too. There’s no cause Leo won’t take up if it means he’ll profit.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

While the nature of CRC Advisors’ work for Americans for Prosperity and the Competitive Enterprise Institute is unclear, AFP has supported a case at the Supreme Court this term threatening to defund the CFPB, and CEI is the key group behind Moore v. US, the billionaire bailout case. Accountable.US research found that Leo’s network invested over $9 million into groups supporting the challenge to the CFPB at the Supreme Court.

A recent Accountable.US review found that CRC Advisors has taken at least $100 million from groups in Leo’s nonprofit network over the past decade, including more than $70 million since Leo joined the firm. This circular payment structure between Leo’s nonprofit network and for-profit companies is reportedly the subject of an ongoing probe by the DC attorney general, which Leo has attempted to obstruct.

CRC Advisors does not publicly disclose its clients or employees, and has kept much of its work secret. While the new revelations surfaced only due to a Conservative Partnership Institute leak, it was previously revealed that CRC Advisors was working with oil giant Chevron to push misleading reports about opposition to climate action in minority communities.

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