Washington, D.C. – Accountable.US is exposing Senate Energy ranking member John Barasso’s close ties to the special interests fighting the Biden conservation agenda ahead of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s appearance before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing tomorrow. 

The only people John Barasso is showing up to represent in Washington tomorrow are John Barasso and the special interests who paid to elect him. His former staffers at special interest lobby groups and big oil donors are already writing his false talking points for tomorrow’s hearing. Don’t be fooled – their true agenda serves themselves, not the American people and the natural resources we expect our leaders to manage on our behalf.”

Jordan Schreiber, Director of the Energy and Environment Program at Accountable.US.

In the run up to becoming ranking member of the committee Senator Barasso raked in thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, according to an Accountable.US report at the time of Secretary Haaland’s confirmation. One of the top special interests groups fighting an Interior initiative to restore balance to the way federal lands are managed–an initiative he has vociferously opposed–is a former staffer in his office

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