Washington, D.C. — One year after the deadly assault at the U.S. Capitol that followed an objection by Republicans in Congress to negate the 2020 presidential election results, government watchdog Accountable.US challenged corporations to do far better to help preserve democracy, especially those that abandoned pledges to support democracy in favor of donating to politicians that helped instigate the insurrection. This week, Accountable.US released a report finding that after the Jan. 6 Insurrection, corporations, including several that pledged to support democracy, reopened the money floodgate to election objectors within months, to the tune of over $8.1 million.  

Republicans in Congress that helped incite the insurrection have spent a year trying to whitewash images of confederate flags, zip ties and wounded Capitol Police officers inside the U.S. Capitol from the national conscience. There’s no wonder why. What makes no sense is why major corporations chose to reward the politicians that weaponized Donald Trump’s Big Lie with millions of dollars in campaign cash.  In the aftermath, many big-name companies assured their customers and employees how much they value our democracy, but it’s obvious they value something more – holding political influence over as many lawmakers as possible even if those lawmakers voted to subvert our government.

Some things should be bigger than the bottom line, like a healthy democracy. These corporations should recognize that normalizing election conspiracy mongers in Congress equates to normalizing their anti-democratic behavior. If they truly stand by their words in support of democracy, companies must prove it by changing their own hypocritical and complicit behavior.”

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US


  • REPORT: ‘In Bad Company’ : How corporations hypocritically reopened the money floodgate to election objectors within months after Jan. 6 insurrection
  • Corporate Donations Tracker: Searchable database of Fortune 500 corporations and big corporate trade groups funding the 2020 Election objectors since January 2021—including those that broke their promises not to donate to those members of congress’ campaigns.
  • Analysis on how Fortune 500 company PACs and corporate trade groups have now donated more than $8.1 million to the Sedition Caucus from January 2021 through November 2021.

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