Accountable.US recently launched its “Expose Project 2025” campaign to reveal the extremists behind conservatives’ MAGA blueprint and highlight the project’s fringe agenda. The campaign launch, focused on Project 2025’s radical reproductive rights plans, included a new microsite, mobile billboard and wheatpasting on Capitol Hill and near the Heritage Foundation headquarters, and an upcoming paid media buy. The campaign will continue to more broadly expose Project 2025’s leaders, playbook authors, and funders, critical to holding the entirety of Project 2025 accountable for its threats to everyday Americans’ rights — and, ultimately, our democracy.


Project 2025 threatens to undermine our democracy on every level by dismantling our institutions, gutting checks and balances, and giving the executive branch overwhelming authority to carry out radical policies that everyday Americans don’t support. It’s more important than ever that the dangerous initiative is revealed for what it really is — and our Expose Project 2025 campaign will do just that. Accountable.US will work to expose the dark network, key funders, and far-right figures responsible for Project 2025, helping shed light on the MAGA blueprint project aiming to roll back progress and strip Americans of fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk
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