Today, government watchdog Accountable.US launched its “Expose Project 2025” campaign to expose the extremists behind conservatives’ MAGA blueprint and highlight the project’s fringe agenda. The campaign launch — which includes a new microsite, visibility on Capitol Hill, and an upcoming paid media buy — hits Project 2025 for its radical reproductive rights plans as the Alabama Supreme Court’s bombshell IVF decision throws Republicans into disarray.

As Accountable.US’s campaign continues, it will more broadly expose Project 2025’s leaders, playbook authors, and funders, critical to holding the entirety of Project 2025 accountable for its threats to everyday Americans’ rights — and, ultimately, our democracy.

Project 2025 threatens to undermine our democracy on every level by dismantling our institutions, gutting checks and balances, and giving the executive branch overwhelming authority to carry out radical policies that everyday Americans don’t support. It’s more important than ever that the dangerous initiative is revealed for what it really is — and our Expose Project 2025 campaign will do just that. Accountable.US will work to expose the dark network, key funders, and far-right figures responsible for Project 2025, helping shed light on the MAGA blueprint project aiming to roll back progress and strip Americans of fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk

The “Expose Project 2025” campaign kicks off today with a mobile billboard and wheatpasting around Capitol Hill and near the office of the Heritage Foundation, the far-right group leading Project 2025. The visibility efforts highlight Project 2025’s extreme reproductive rights agenda, featuring the following messaging: “Abortion. IVF. Project 2025 groups will ban it all.” An upcoming paid media buy will feature similar messaging. Accountable.US also launched, which will house original research and news as the campaign progresses.

Previous reporting revealed that millions of dollars have been dumped into Project 2025 by extremist conservative groups and Leonard Leo’s shady dark money network. Tax filings first obtained by Accountable.US showed that the Heritage Foundation gave nearly $1 million to organizations on the Project 2025 advisory board. These donations accounted for 58% of Heritage’s total grantmaking in 2022. Leonard Leo’s network bankrolled dozens of the over 100 far-right organizations making up the Project 2025 advisory board.

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