WASHINGTON, D.C. An enormous new tranche of data released this week by the Small Business Administration (SBA) of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan details revealed that Immanuel Christian School — a religious, loudly anti-LGBTQ school with ties to the Second Lady — received a hefty $725,000 loan. The school, where Karen Pence took a part-time art teaching job last year, requires potential employees to disavow same-sex marriage and transgender identity to be eligible.  

While the PPP was intended to serve as a lifeline for businesses struggling to hang on through the ongoing economic crisis, the Trump administration’s flawed design and implementation of the program quickly led to large, well-connected businesses and fraudsters running away with funds as many small businesses — especially in communities of color — were shut out.  

It is shameful that an institution that discriminates against LGBT Americans received nearly $1 million in taxpayer funds. This money was meant to help mom and pop small businesses meet payroll and keep the lights on — instead the wealthy and well-connected cashed in.” 

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US

Accountable.US has been tracking the administration’s failure to get aid to those who need it most on its COVID Bailout Tracker. The new PPP data is now available on the watchdog’s searchable database at searchppp.com, and the group will be posting updates about its findings on its PPP Live Blog.

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