WASHINGTON, D.C. – New reporting from the New York Times illustrates how the Trump administration and Senate lawmakers are seeking to drastically cut pandemic relief benefits  a move that will disproportionately harm Black communities. 

This disparity follows a disturbing trend within the Trump administration of vulnerable communities being disproportionately shut out from receiving desperately needed aid, all while the wealthy and well-connected are further enriched — as seen in the Paycheck Protection Program’s (PPP) inequitable implementation. With the program expiring in just one day, the Trump administration still has yet to answer for recent analysis which found that the congressional districts with the highest percentage of Black resident received far less PPP funding than those with the lowest percentage of Black residents. A new Fed report also showed that Black small businesses are being devastated by the pandemic.

Black communities are being neglected by the Trump administration, even as they face disproportionate financial and public health impacts of the pandemic. The answer is simple: Congress must extend enhanced unemployment benefits and implement transparency and oversight in small business aid to ensure the next round of funding prioritizes the communities who need it most, not the wealthy and well-connected who have benefited thus far.”

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US


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