Washington, DC Since day one of the Biden administration, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his allies have never missed an opportunity to accuse the President of “exacerbating” global supply chain challenges. And yet, today all but one House Republican voted against the latest commonsense effort in Congress to address supply chain difficulties, the America COMPETES Act. A recent analysis from government watchdog Accountable.US identified four previous major bills, including the recently-enacted Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act, congressional Republicans voted against or blocked since 2015 that would improve the country’s various supply chains and would have helped get ahead of these challenges.  


The American COMPETES Act was conservatives’ fifth major opportunity in recent years to do more than play politics with supply chain challenges, but they couldn’t break their habit of obstruction. For years, Republicans in Congress have rejected serious efforts to iron out the supply chain and actively kept others from addressing it. Today they had a chance to finally help lower costs for working families, instead they tried again to sabotage economic progress for their own political gain.

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US

As reported by The Hill, the America COMPETES Act includes $45 billion in Department of Commerce grants, loans and loan guarantees that would help strengthen the country’s supply chains by “enhancing manufacturing facilities and creating surge capacity.”

Accountable.US has also previously identified more than $500 billion worth of investments in the Build Back Better Act that would help alleviate disruptions and improve labor conditions, which House Republicans unanimously opposed.

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