STAT breaks the news: Top Trump health aides Paul Mango and budget office director Russ Vought actively lobbied against additional vaccine funding for states

FLASHBACK: “New Reports Show Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Left Biden Team With No Plan”

Accountable Pharma has filed FOIAs with Department of Health and Human Services, 14 states, for correspondence on vaccine distribution

 Washington, DC – Today, Accountable Pharma released the following statement on the breaking news that the Trump Administration “actively lobbied to deny states money for vaccine rollout.” This news comes as states across the country continue to struggle with vaccine distribution and following reporting that the Trump Administration left the Biden Administration with no distribution plan. 

“With every new detail that emerges it becomes clearer and clearer: the Trump Administration completely botched the vaccine distribution planning, actively sabotaged those who tried to get states the resources they needed to vaccinate their citizens, and handed the Biden Administration an absolute mess to clean up,” said Eli Zupnick, spokesman for Accountable Pharma. “This crisis is now longer-lasting and harder-hitting because of the Trump Administration’s vaccine distribution debacle, and now Congress needs to step up quickly with the additional funding needed to help the Biden Administration and states across the country clean up Trump’s mess.”

Accountable Pharma has been scrutinizing Operation Warp Speed and the Trump administration’s inadequate response to this crisis since the start. This month, we announced the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding any correspondence surrounding the announcement by Secretary Alex Azar that a “reserve” of vaccine doses would be released to the states. We’ve also called out drug company insiders for dumping stocks after big announcements involving government funding. And we’ve laid out some of what we think the Biden administration should do to fix where the prior administration went wrong.   


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