WASHINGTON, DC – In the midst of a growing Supreme Court corruption crisis, Justice Clarence Thomas today requested more time to file his annual financial disclosures — prompting questions about what more Thomas could be hiding. Thomas’s decades-long relationship with his billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow featuring luxury travel and lavish gifts initially sparked the corruption crisis, which has since caused public trust in the Court to plummet.

Justice Thomas and his billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow can’t dodge accountability forever. It was their decades-long improper relationship that sparked the Supreme Court corruption crisis in the first place. What more is Thomas trying to hide? Are his gifts and connections so extensive that he needs more time to account for them all. Chief Justice Roberts needs to act immediately to clean up his Court.”

Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig.

Crow continues to dodge all requests for accountability. In a response yesterday to Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats’ requests for information, Harlan Crow incorrectly argued Congress has no authority to conduct oversight, clearly indicating that he believes himself to operate above the law.

Accountable.US has repeatedly called for action in the aftermath of the unprecedented ethics issues undermining the integrity of our nation’s highest Court.

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