Watchdogs call for justices to recuse themselves from Loper, CFPB based on serious conflicts

WASHINGTON, DC — New Supreme Court recusals were released in today’s order list, revealing that Justices Thomas and Alito recused themselves from cases based on individual stock holdings and longtime relationships with former clerks (in this case, Thomas confidant John Eastman). But as glaring conflicts of interest loom large in key upcoming cases — causing watchdog and accountability organizations to demand urgent recusals — Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, and Chief Justice Roberts keep looking the other way.

Justices Thomas and Alito recusing themselves from cases involving former clerks and personal stock holdings is Ethics 101 — so it’s a total no-brainer that they should also recuse themselves from key upcoming cases involving their billionaire friends and close allies,” said Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

“It’s far past time for these justices to stop putting their billionaire pals over everyday Americans. Recusing themselves from cases where they have glaring conflicts of interest is the very least they can do to restore some semblance of credibility and integrity to our Supreme Court,” Ciccone continued. 

Accountable.US last week led over 40 Supreme Court watchdog and accountability organizations in sending a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts demanding he ensure conflicted justices recuse themselves from upcoming cases:

  • Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo: Justice Thomas attended private political fundraising retreats sponsored by the Kochs for years and neglected to disclose these trips — an apparent violation of federal law. Justice Thomas’s participation served as a fundraising draw for the expansive network that has brought cases directly before the Supreme Court, including Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, the critical upcoming case challenging the Chevron doctrine.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) v. Community Financial Services Association Of America (CFSA): Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer stands to benefit mightily from the Supreme Court’s upcoming CFPB case. Justice Alito’s friendship with Singer, which found the two on a luxury fishing trip together and included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of private jet travel, presents a clear conflict of interest that warrants recusal.

In the letter, the organizations wrote: “When justices do recuse themselves from cases, it is often on the basis of conflictual stock holdings. Any reasonable person would agree that justices hearing a case brought to the Court by parties with whom they have longstanding personal relationships — or worse, from whom they have accepted lavish gifts and travel — ranks a far more serious ethical offense than a small holding in a widely-traded stock.”

Read the full text of the letter HERE.

Accountable.US has led the charge in calling for urgent action and reform in light of the growing Supreme Court corruption crisis. Accountable.US has also pushed for Chief Justice Roberts to take accountability for his inaction in response to the ethics issues plaguing his Court.


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