In today’s highly-charged and divisive political environment, Americans value fairness and honesty and stand against conservative extremism.

Big money special interests have built vast networks of policy and advocacy groups that wield extraordinary power in Washington and beyond, and are advancing extreme political agendas that harm the American people.


Exposing Extremist Groups and the Mega-Donors Behind Them

Politically motivated organizations that spread falsehoods and misinformation are quietly funded by mega-donors whose self-serving agendas undermine our democracy, civil rights and liberties, and the fabric of our society. 

We reveal the connections between these power players and the policymakers who do their bidding, and confront them with their attempts to misinform Americans by fighting back with facts.

The Right-Wing Power & Influence Machine

Our investigative research exposes the connections between extremist mega-donors, politicians, and the policy and advocacy groups that peddle misinformation, reducing their influence and making it easier to advance policies that benefit all Americans.

Monitoring Influence

A powerful right-wing network has extraordinary influence over our elections and our government. Learn more and connect the dots on their agendas.

Explore Project

Capturing America’s Courts

Wealthy donors and politically-motivated activists have spent decades using dishonest hardball tactics to place extreme ideologues on America’s courts.

Engaging in Climate Denialism

Special interests prioritize short-term profits over sustainable energy policy. Americans deserve to know who is funding climate denialism and their true agenda.

Stay Informed

Get the latest news on how we’re holding big business, government officials, and special interests accountable, and what you can do to get involved.

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