Government watchdog Accountable.US today joined House Accountability War Room, Media Matters for America, Congressional Integrity Project, and Navigator Research to release “100 Days of Johnson’s MAGA House,” a new report on Mike Johnson’s speakership. The report details how Speaker Johnson has prioritized political stunts and a fringe agenda in his first 100 days over finding solutions to issues that everyday Americans face.

The more we’ve learned about Speaker Johnson over the course of his first 100 days in office, the worse it’s gotten. From his far-right voting record to his history of radical comments to his legal career dedicated to rolling back LGBTQ and abortion rights, Mike Johnson is a champion for the most extreme faction of the House MAGA majority. Speaker Johnson’s leadership has only meant more desperate political stunts to push a fringe agenda instead of actually solving the issues facing our nation.”

Accountable.US President Caroline Ciccone

“Speaker Johnson is an election denier and MAGA extremist who’s used his position as Speaker of the House to push forward an extreme and unpopular agenda,” said Albert Fujii, Spokesperson for the House Accountability War Room. “From his pursuit of radical abortion restrictions to his whitewashing of the January 6 insurrection, Johnson spent his first 100 days as Speaker attacking working families and our democracy. It’s time this MAGA majority starts choosing constituents over chaos.”

Read the full report on Speaker Johnson’s first 100 days here.


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