A new poll from Accountable.US and the Center for American Progress released this week highlights widespread concern over Project 2025’s threats to erode crucial protections for LGBTQ+ Americans. 

Specifically, 77% of Americans oppose proposals to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, while 66% of Americans oppose allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples. Americans’ concerns are well-founded — Project 2025 plans include both of these radical policies. 

A recent Accountable.US report detailed Project 2025’s broader plot to threaten LGBTQ+ Americans with plans to leverage the Department of Justice, limit past Supreme Court rulings, and more to impose a radical, unpopular agenda, and undermine rights and freedoms.

The vast majority of Americans recognize the danger Project 2025 poses to LGBTQ+ Americans and strongly oppose its extremist agenda. With far-right extremists at the helm, Project 2025 is a power grab by conservatives wanting more control over our lives to take away our freedoms.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

The new poll also revealed that 79% of Americans oppose allowing presidents to replace civil servants with political loyalists, a move that could enable extremists across government agencies to threaten LGBTQ+ rights. As a recent PBS NewsHour segment highlighted, Project 2025’s draconian health care agenda – authored by former Trump staffer and current Heritage senior staffer Roger Severino – not only includes plans to ban abortion, end Medicare negotiations, and weaken government authority but also enable discrimination against LGBTQ+ Americans. For more information, view the summary memo here.

Learn more about Accountable.US’s work to uncover the sprawling dark money network and extremist figures behind Project 2025 at ExposeProject2025.org.


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