A new poll from Accountable.US and the Center for American Progress released this week reveals overwhelming opposition to Project 2025’s proposals to gut the government’s checks and balances. Poll results show that 79% of Americans oppose plans to replace civil servants with political loyalists, with 77% opposing ending the independence of agencies like the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Americans have good reason to be concerned. Project 2025’s plans threaten to dismantle institutions, gut federal checks and balances, consolidate power within the executive branch, and use Schedule F to replace civil servants with far-right loyalists, enshrining radical policies that aren’t supported by the American people.

It’s clear that Americans overwhelmingly recognize checks and balances as core to our democracy and critical to ensuring that our government serves the people, not extremists or political loyalists. Project 2025 policies are incredibly unpopular — the MAGA blueprint is threatening to gut democratic checks and overrule the will of Americans to enact its far-right agenda. We're seeing a clear mandate from the American people to reject Project 2025’s threats and protect our democracy.”

Tony Carrk, Accountable.US executive director

After the recent decision by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority overturning Chevron deference, these poll results suggest that Americans overwhelmingly reject power grabs – like those by the Court – intended to force an unpopular, far-right agenda on everyday Americans.

For more information, view the summary memo here.

Learn more about Accountable.US’s work to uncover the sprawling dark money network and extremist figures behind Project 2025 at ExposeProject2025.org.


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