Recent tax filings name Wall Street billionaire and right-wing megadonor Jeff Yass as the top donor behind Accuracy in Media, a controversial far-right group best known for its sting operations and propaganda campaigns. 

The filings, exposed today by CNBC, report that Yass gave Accuracy in Media $1 million during its most recently disclosed financial year, accounting for more than half of its total revenue and making him its biggest donor by a wide margin. Accuracy in Media has claimed that reporting Yass was an error and that he was not a donor, despite listing him on their tax filings. Groups headed up by other key conservative megadonors including Richard Uihlein, Adam Milstein, and Peter H. Coors are also listed as contributors on the tax filing.

Accuracy in Media, which has taken both tactics and personnel from the infamous Project Veritas, has gained notoriety for reportedly secretly recording school employees in staged interviews about culture war issues, doxxing student protestors, and sending a “Hitler truck” to the University of California, Berkeley.

While apparently bankrolling Accuracy in Media, Yass also donated heavily to conservative causes and PACs earlier this year in what CNBC called an attempt to “orchestrate a bare-knuckle pressure campaign to protect TikTok” against a federal ban, which President Biden signed into law last month. Yass’ trading firm owns 15% of TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, representing “a significant chunk” of Yass’ net worth.

Jeff Yass is the largest conservative political donor to federal campaigns this election cycle, making Accuracy in Media listing him as a significant funder particularly notable. Yass donated $47 million to help conservative candidates and committees in the 2022 midterm elections. Now, according to the organization’s tax filings, the far-right funder is using his wealth to back a fringe group lifting tactics and personnel from Project Veritas.

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