While conservative lawmakers have simultaneously muddied the waters on their stance on IVF while blocking legislation to protect it, look no further than Project 2025’s sponsor, the Heritage Foundation, to understand where conservatives truly stand. New reporting from Politico today details Heritage and other far-right groups’ push for severe IVF restrictions — revealing that the same groups charting the future of the GOP are also championing a reproductive rights agenda reaching new levels of extremism.

Conservatives have tried to convince everyday Americans they’ll support IVF, contraception, and more. But Americans won’t forget how conservatives rushed to denounce the disastrous IVF decision out of Alabama only after getting message guidance revealing just how unpopular their anti-IVF agenda is. Now, Project 2025’s leader is making crystal clear that the GOP’s future reproductive rights agenda includes extreme IVF restrictions. When conservatives show us who they are and what they stand for, we should believe them.

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk

Politico highlights:

“Anti-abortion advocates worked for five decades to topple Roe v. Wade. They’re now laying the groundwork for a yearslong fight to curb in vitro fertilization.

Since the Alabama Supreme Court ruled last month that frozen embryos are children, the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups have been strategizing how to convince not just GOP officials but evangelicals broadly that they should have serious moral concerns about fertility treatments like IVF and that access to them should be curtailed.

In short, they want to re-run the Roe playbook.”

“IVF is broadly popular, according to public polling, in a way abortion never was. But a plan is already in motion to chip away at that support.”

Government watchdog Accountable.US previously launched a digital ad campaign hitting Project 2025 for its extreme plans to ban abortion, IVF, and more. The ads are part of the watchdog group’s ongoing Expose Project 2025 campaign, focused on revealing the extremists behind the dangerous initiative and highlighting its fringe agenda.


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