New insights reveal the potential motivations behind a letter signed by eleven conservative Attorneys General threatening DC AG Brian Schwalb over his investigation into Leonard Leo’s dark money network. Politico’s reporting yesterday revealed that one signatory, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch, leads a nonprofit at risk of unwanted scrutiny from the very same probe.

Fitch’s nonprofit organization, Strength and Prosperity Project Fund, received a six-figure donation from the Leo-connected Concord Fund, one of the groups at the center of AG Schwalb’s probe. The financial connection between the groups not only puts one of Strength and Prosperity Project Fund’s top donors at risk, but could bring unwelcome examination of Fitch and her nonprofit.

The Concord Fund made its donation to the Strength and Prosperity Project Fund Fitch as Mississippi mounted a significant challenge to abortion access before the Supreme Court — a well-documented crusade orchestrated by Leo.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch is the latest in a long string of Leonard Leo allies weaponizing government power against Leo’s critics. Perhaps the tens of thousands of dollars AG Fitch apparently accepted from a key Leo group can help explain the unusually aggressive letter she signed onto in his defense. Leo and his allies clearly consider themselves to be beyond scrutiny, but they aren’t. He and his network must be held to the same standards as everyday Americans.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

Notably, Leo’s Concord Fund also ranks as the top donor to the Republican Attorneys General Association, conservatives’ dedicated effort to elect extremists as top law enforcement officers across the country, including in Mississippi.

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