WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, government watchdog Accountable.US called on members and affiliates of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who signed on to the New York Times advertisement opposing strict voting rights limits to disassociate from the organization in light of the Chamber’s recent opposition to the For The People Act — a House-passed bill that would protect an individual’s right to vote. The news comes amidst a wide range of voter suppression efforts attempting to disenfranchise predominantly Black and Brown voters across the country.

Following the voter suppression laws being considered by state legislatures in Georgia, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere, hundreds of company executives joined together to oppose “any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.” The Chamber notably did not join these businesses, and instead, urged lawmakers to oppose legislation that would protect voters against these attacks on voting rights. 

“By ignoring the U.S. Chamber’s opposition to a bill that protects an essential right in our democracy, these executives are violating their commitment and siding against the millions of Americans — including many of their own employees — fighting racist voter suppression tactics,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “If they truly believe in protecting one of our most fundamental constitutional rights, they have no choice but to cut ties with the Chamber.” 

An Accountable.US review of Chamber membership and affiliates found 25 companies or their leaders who signed on to the New York Times advertisement. The watchdog sent letters today urging withdrawal from the Chamber to the companies and organizations that pledged to disavow any attacks on voting rights, including Google, Microsoft, Target, Facebook, Uber, and more. See the full list below and read the group’s letter to Target here.


Corporation   Affiliation with USCOC Signatory Notes
BlackRock Member Both the company and Co-Founder Susan Wagner signed
Citi Member CEO Jane Fraser signed
Facebook Member  
Google Member Alphabet, Inc., Chief Diversity Officer Melonie Parker, Vice President Marian R. Croak, Vice President Bonita C. Steward, and Alphabet board member Robin Washington signed
Target Member Both the company and CEO Brian Cornell signed
Microsoft Member CEO Satya Nadella, Executive VP Christopher Young, President Brad Smith, and Board Member Reid Hoffman are signatories
American Express Member The company, board member Charles Phillips, and board member Christopher Young signed
American Airlines Member CEO Doug Parker and company signed
Accenture Member The company, CEO Julie Sweet, and Board Director Paula A. Price signed
IBM Member  
Ford Motor Company Member  
Hess Member  
Johnson & Johnson Member Both the company and Independent Director Ronald A. Williams signed
Merck Member The company, CEO Kenneth C. Frazier, and board member Leslie A. Brun signed
Salesforce Member  
Synchrony Member The company and Board Member Paget L. Alves signed
Bank of America Member The company and Board Member Lionel Nowell signed
Uber Featured on USCOC Site Both CEO and Dara Khosrowshahi and Senior VP Tony West signed
Berkshire Hathaway Featured on USCOC Foundation Site Chairman and CEO Warren Buffet and Board Member Kenneth I. Chenault signed
United Airlines Executive on USCOC Board of Directors  
Deloitte Executive on USCOC Board of Directors  
ViacomCBS Featured on USCOC Foundation Site The company and President of subsidiary BET Networks Scott M. Mills signed
Goldman Sachs Featured on USCOC Foundation Site The company and Lead Director Adebayo Ogunlesi signed
Estée Lauder  Featured on USCOC Foundation Site The company and Board Member Richard Parsons signed 


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