WASHINGTON, D.C. – Late last night, the U.S. reportedly reached a stunning benchmark: two million confirmed cases of COVID-19. After months of chaos and mismanagement, Trump seems to want to pretend that the crisis is over. The White House Coronavirus Task Force hasn’t briefed the public in a month, meets just twice a week and may be disbanded in the near future. Meanwhile, workers remain unsafe at their jobs, unemployment for Black Americans recently hit a record high, more than 44 million Americans are out of work since the start of the crisis, and new U.S. coronavirus hotspots continue to arise.
Reaction from Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US:

“After months of failing to respond quickly or effectively to the COVID-19 crisis, the Trump administration appears to be trying out a new strategy: pretending the pandemic is over. The problem is, that won’t stop the virus from spreading — nor will it help the millions of Americans struggling to make rent and put food on the table as the economy continues to struggle. People’s lives are on the line — we need Trump to treat this pandemic with the seriousness it deserves and help keep the American people safe.”


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