Ahead of today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on pandemic “waste, fraud, and abuse,” government watchdog Accountable.US blasted the hearing as a political stunt put on by the same conservatives who ignored past mismanagement and benefited from pandemic aid.


Right now, MAGA conservatives bash COVID aid programs that they themselves enjoyed, but they turned a blind eye to the waste, fraud, and abuse of these programs under the Trump administration’s mismanagement. Today’s hearing is merely a political stunt meant to deflect blame and distract from the real issues at hand — and James Comer is its ringleader. If the committee is serious about rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse, it should start with its own leadership."

Accountable.US Executive Director Tony Carrk

Throughout the pandemic, Accountable.US has extensively documented how the Trump administration’s COVID-aid mismanagement opened the door for fraud and prioritized the rich and well-connected over struggling mom-and-pop businesses. Accountable.US also launched interactive resources enabling Americans to track how their tax dollars were spent through the public health crisis.

See more Accountable.US research on COVID-19 relief programs:

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