Washington D.C. – Lobbyists for the big health insurance industry are likely ringing phones off the hook at Republican House offices today as the Biden administration unveiled its latest initiative to protect consumers from abuse: new proposed rules cracking down on junk health insurance plans that often exclude critical benefits, refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions, and feature excessive and ‘surprise’ out-of-pocket costs that many patients cannot afford. Pushback is expected from the Republican House members that cheered on the Trump administration’s 2018 rollback of the Affordable Care Act’s protections against junk health plans, and those like U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry who have smeared Biden administration efforts to rein in junk fees after taking millions of dollars from industries that exploit them. The Republican House majority raked in $15.2 million from the insurance industry during the 2022 election cycle. 

The big health insurers love to sell worthless plans that don’t cover patients when they need it most, and Republicans in Congress have consistently fought to allow it after taking millions from industry,” said Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Accountable.US.

“Junk plans may be free money to greedy insurance companies but they’re a raw deal for consumers, especially those with pre-existing conditions. Rather than defend junk plans like they do junk fees that cost consumers billions every year, the MAGA House majority should work with the Biden administration to ensure Americans get coverage that is quality and affordable – or at least not stand in the way,” Funk continued.

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