Just hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act (SCERT) Act yesterday, new reporting revealed that conservative kingpin Leonard Leo coordinated and funded a years-long media campaign defending Clarence Thomas. The revelations raise serious ethical and legal questions — and they’re just the latest in a long pattern of shady Supreme Court dealings involving Leo.

The Supreme Court is caught in the middle of a full blown corruption crisis, and Leonard Leo is responsible for the rot. It’s far past time for a full, expanded investigation into Leo and his dark web of nonprofits."

Kyle Herrig, Senior Advisor

Leo’s involvement in Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination fight has been well-documented, but the Post’s new reporting reveals that Leo’s campaign to rehabilitate Thomas’s reputation continued long after the Justice’s confirmation. The extent of Leo’s close personal and professional relationship with Thomas offers critical context for Leo’s secret, undisclosed payments to Ginni Thomas, Justice Thomas’s wife.

But Leonard Leo isn’t Clarence Thomas’s only benefactor. For years, billionaire megadonor Harlan Crow has bankrolled Thomas’s lavish lifestyle — funding everything from private jet trips to luxury vacations to real estate.

Leonard Leo played billionaire matchmaker again with Justice Samuel Alito and right-wing anti-Consumer Financial Protection Bureau crusader Paul Singer. Leo, Singer, and Alito together took a secret luxury Alaskan fishing vacation — all while Singer had business before the court.

Leo’s decades of Supreme Court-related influence-peddling hasn’t just tipped the Court’s balance to the right — it’s also made Leo rich. The nonprofit watchdog Campaign for Accountability in April filed a complaint alleging that Leo has raked in millions of dollars from non-profit groups that may be diverting money illegally to his own businesses.

Learn more about Leo’s extensive dark influence network at LeonardLeo.org.

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