WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced its final rule banning noncompetes nationwide, safeguarding the right of workers across the country to seek new opportunities and opening the door for up to $488 billion in increased worker earnings over the next decade, or an estimated $524 in earnings for the average employee per year. 

In response to the Biden administration’s historic win for American workers, the Chamber of Commerce has threatened to sue to block the rule. The Chamber has a notable pattern of judge and venue shopping with the organization often choosing to take its cases before the right-wing-friendly Northern District Court of Texas, a pipeline to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals where 19 out of the 26 judges were appointed by Republicans, including six by Donald Trump. 

Non-compete clauses force employees to endure low wages and poor working conditions. The Chamber claims non-competes undermine competition; but the truth is the FTC’s newest rule promises to open the door for millions of American workers to pursue better opportunities, shake up the market, and push megacorporations towards fair practices.”

Accountable.US Liz Zelnick


  • Nearly 30% of non-competes apply to employees who make less than $13 per hour.
  • The practice often disproportionately affects women and people of color whose earnings are reduced nearly twice as much than their white male counterparts when non-compete contracts are enforced.
  • The FTC estimates that banning non-competes could cut health care costs by $74-$194 billion over the next decade and generate 8,500 additional new businesses each year.
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